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Have you noticed a powerful angelic presence in the world lately? Songs, books, angel cards, angel readings, pictures, and sculptures provide us the reminder that we are spiritual beings having a physical experience. Many people are searching for a way to connect to their spirit that doesn’t feel threatening, and those who were raised with the idea of a rigid and fear-based God often find comfort in the presence of angels even when other religious figures have “turned them off.” Angels are nondenominational: Every religion has some form of them. And, unlike God, people don’t go to war and kill one another over angels.

The Judeo-Christian culture offers an array of angels. The most commonly known are Ariel, the Angel of Nature; Michael, the Angel of Protection; Raphael, the Angel of Healing; and Gabriel, the Angel of Communication. Most of us were taught that we have guardian angels watching over us. Some of us have had an “otherworldly” experience—a moment when the curtain between the physical and the nonphysical seemed to slip away. Those experiences are really not unusual at all. Many people have a story or two to share about such an occurrence if they feel safe to do so (or if you give them a few beers!).

You may have wondered if otherworldly experiences are always outside of our control. Do angels only show up when they feel like it, or can we call angels to us? The answer is yes, we can call on them. Because angels must always honor a person’s free will, they will not intercede unless asked to do so. The exception to that is when someone’s life is in danger, and it isn’t part of their “life plan” for death or an accident to occur. I had the experience of my angels literally taking the wheel of my car and miraculously getting me around what would have been a horrible accident. Of course, in that case there wasn’t enough time for me to ask for help. But I knew immediately that it wasn’t me who steered my automobile around the suddenly stalled car in the middle of Route 9G in Hyde Park.

When it comes to life guidance, the best way to be assured that your angels are working with you for your highest good is to create a daily dialogue with them. Because angels are devoid of fear and ego, and because they are aligned with the highest good for all concerned, they can offer an overview of a situation that we humans (stuck down here on Earth with our limited perspective) often cannot achieve. Of course, whether we mortals want to look at the truth of a given situation, or know what angels think about what we are doing, is another issue altogether!

Developing a connection and a communication with angels can be the first steps to understanding the eternal question Who am I?; not “who am I” right now as I sit in my office, or serve the umpteenth customer a burger deluxe, but who was I before I came to Earth and who will I be after I leave? Who am I at the level of my soul?

This last question is the best reason of all to begin an intentional relationship with the angelic realm. Once you begin to understand that angels are spiritual beings with a consciousness that resonates at a much higher level than that of the average human, you then question who you are in relationship to these divine beings. And once you start to ask questions of angels, you better be ready to get some answers. Angels welcome the smallest opportunity to make their presence known in signs, symbols, songs, smells, visions, and deep, intuitive bursts of wisdom. But daily distractions and noise act as filters that keep out their heavenly wisdom.

If we would stop filling every single moment of our lives with distractions, tasks, and obligations, we might hear them talk. Ah, silence. Seekers of spiritual wisdom go to a quiet place to receive enlightenment because they know that listening to a jackhammer and a bunch of taxi horns will drown out the subtler voices. Without silence you can’t get much information from an angel.

It can be argued that people put so much noise and activity into their lives because they want to block out all that deeper spiritual insight. They are afraid of what they will hear if they sit in silence for a day. But, if you are curious about developing an angelic connection, the first step is to give angels some space in your life to speak to you. Seek a quiet, calm place to invite an angelic presence.

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