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A little over 30 years ago, Greg “Chemdog” Krzanowski began growing cannabis in his hometown of Northampton in the Berkshires. Over the years, his knack for breeding and growing exquisitely potent flower has earned him a place in the cannabis hall of fame. His eponymous Chemdog strain was named one of the 100 Best Strains of All Time by Leafly and the strain’s genetics went on to help redefine the state of premium cannabis in the United States.

Today, a decade after a raid on his grow operation sidelined him from cultivation, Krzanowski is at the leading edge of craft cannabis as the Director of Cultivation for award-winning Massachusetts dispensary Canna Provisions. There, he oversees its mega-popular Smash Hits cannabis line from seed to harvest. Among the strains in the line is the original Chem 91, grown from his original mother plant, as well as new hybrids he’s been working on for years, and award-winning strains like Da Funk, which took home a win in the Croptoberfest Cup last year.

Here, Krzanowski talks to us about the state of craft cannabis at Canna Provisions, and how his start in the legacy market informs his work today.

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Chronogram: Your impact on modern cannabis strains has been quite prolific. You’re now heading up a pioneering new legal cultivation program at Canna Provisions. What do you see as the differences between growing now and 30 years ago?

Krzanowski: Being able to fill up all these rooms with tons of plants and not get into any trouble!

Seriously though, I’m trying to create the same type of flower as any legacy market grower 30 years ago. The technology is just a lot better now.

The main thing that’s different from then is that the strains were very fresh and new then, so they had a little more vigor to them. Some of these strains, like Chem 91, are 30 years old and they can be a little finicky to grow. Every crop is going to be different every time you harvest it and you’re not going to get the exact same thing every time. But that’s part of what makes them so special.

Chronogram: At this point, we’ve all heard of the craft beverage industry, but what exactly is “craft cannabis”? What does that term mean to you?

Krzanowski: To me, craft cannabis is in the same kind of category as the craft spirits or premium coffee that’s out there today. So much of it has to do with the strains themselves. It’s those top-shelf cannabis strains that have this special quality to them.

It also means we’re taking the time to explore different cultivation techniques, and that we’re looking at every part of the plant and its care. Craft cannabis is not mass-produced on huge levels, because that’s where it won’t be cared for as well as it could be.

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Chronogram: What kinds of characteristics or traits do you look for in the strains you cultivate in the Smash Hits line?

Krzanowski: I love flavor, so that always influences me a ton. A strain has got to have a strong flavor and, of course, a good high. But honestly, we have so many great strains that we want people to try. I personally love to smoke different kinds of weed all the time.

We have strains that are fruity, strains that are sweet, and strains that are gassy. A lot of the [Chemdog strains] are very gassy and have a great flavor. Then we have strains like Chocolate Peaches and Waffle Cone that are very sweet. But then there are other strains that are subtle, with creamy overtones. We have all different kinds of styles of flower that we want to get out there and that we like. 

You can tell a lot from smell about the flavor of the strains. A lot of people base everything on looks, but there’s a lot of great strains out there that taste awesome and have great highs but they don’t look like anything special on the outside. You have to really get into the flower, smell it, and break it up, and smoke it to really get the whole experience.

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Image courtesy of Canna Provisions
Krzanowski oversees every Smash Hits strain from seeds to harvest.

Chronogram: It sounds like you really get your hands into every part of the plant! Tell us more about what goes into the process of getting your flower into the hands of customers.

Krzanowski: I’ve been in this for 30-plus years—more than a lot of people who are in this industry right now—so I know good flower when I see it, and I know what a good presentation for our customers should look like.

I’m always up in the mix of making sure that all our products that go out this door are up to par. I oversee everything—from bud size to the eighths to the quarters to the little grams, and even prerolls. I’m looking at it all. I feel that’s part of what I really can add to all of this.

It’s a little like if Michael Jordan were coaching your local basketball team. I wanna smoke really good flower, and I want the people who come to Canna Provisions to be able to enjoy the same type of flower I’m enjoying.

We also support home-grow 100 percent. We’re doing a clone drop at the end of February and selling my clones in the stores. I don’t know of many other dispensaries that are doing that right now.

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