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March 2021 brings a semblance of inner peace after the nonstop celestial pounding we've collectively endured for over a year now, if only because we've acclimated to traumatic times to a certain extent. With both Sun and Neptune in sensitive, porous Pisces we can go within to tend to inner healing with less distracting outer conflict—if we choose not to engage with the buzzing dramas of this world. It's easier to make that choice now.

The annual conjunction of the Sun to Neptune March 10 illuminates the murkiest depths of our collective consciousness: What has been hidden in the shadows is now revealed, and what's revealed can be healed. New Moon in Pisces March 13 with Venus conjunct Neptune is an outstanding day to reach for your dreams. Though everything is viewed through rose-colored glasses and unabashedly romanticized, that doesn't mean there isn't a basis of reality in what is perceived. Mercury enters Pisces March 18, favoring nonverbal communication and empathic understandings rather than information and data.

The celestial Piscean chill-fest comes to an abrupt but not unpleasant end at the Spring Equinox March 20 followed by the First Quarter Moon in Cancer March 21, with Mercury sextile Uranus and Venus entering Aries. This is a power-packed, supercharged-champagne-supernova-in-the-sky-kind-of weekend, but it's only the windup! The pitch is March 26–29, during which the Sun, Venus, and Chiron conjunct in Aries with the Full Libra Moon March 28, and Mercury conjuncts Neptune. This is a tremendous opportunity to kiss and make up, to heal long-festering wounds with words of forgiveness, to repair valued relationships chipped away by competing social stresses and ideological partisanship.

We've all been tempest-tossed with trauma, changes, and loss. March 2021 brings us a little shelter from the storm.

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