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As a kid growing up in the 90s heyday of the mini-sized snack craze, Nicole Clanahan acutely remembers her mom’s efforts to dodge all the excess packaging. “She always said no to snack-sized things because there was so much waste,” she says. “We weren’t this crazy hippie-dippy family, but it was revolutionary to me at the time. She had all these little ways to be less wasteful that I carried into adulthood.”

The “one step at a time” approach to sustainability is the ethos behind Rural Center Refillery, the bulk goods store she and her husband Corey opened on Church Street in Pine Plains last month.

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Rural Center Refillery owners Nicole and Corey Clanahan with their kids

With backgrounds in bookkeeping and retail management and a knack for identifying sustainable swaps in their own lives, opening a refillery in the center of town where people could purchase everyday bulk goods with little or no packaging waste seemed like a natural fit. “We value this community. Our kids go to school right up the street,” Clanahan says. “We wanted to offer people a way to do something good for the environment and get the things they already need.”

At Rural Center Refillery, customers can bring in their own containers to fill up with goods or purchase reusable glass containers to bring back and fill up again and again.

Shoppers will find home and beauty products such as hand soap, detergent, all-purpose cleaner, dryer balls, bamboo toilet paper, reusable zip-top bags, shampoo and conditioner, diaper balm, plastic-free deodorant, and toothpaste tablets. “A tube of toothpaste takes like 500 years to break down,” Clanahan says. “People are really excited about the toothpaste tablets. It looks like a breath mint, but you chew it and it turns into toothpaste.”

They also stock a small-but-growing selection of mostly local bulk foods, including Fair Trade coffee beans from Winchell Mountain Coffee Roasters in Pine Plains and Monkey Joe Roasting Company in Kingston, Harney & Sons teas, dried beans and soup mixes, organic nuts, dried fruits, and 16 canisters of assorted candy. “The candy has been a big hit,” Clanahan says.

In addition to the bulk goods, there are also local chicken and duck eggs with a carton swap program, and fresh bread on the weekends from Formisano Bakery in Saugerties. “We always have hot coffee and cold brew available so you can try out the varieties we have,” says Clanahan. “We’re happy to let anyone sample anything.”

“We want the store to be for everyone,” she continues. “We want to show people that it's within our means to use reusable containers. You don’t have to be an eco warrior. There are so many substitutions that you can make that really make an impact when they’re all added up.”

Rural Center Refillery
2881 Church Street, Pine Plains
(845) 867-6557
Thursday through Saturday, 10am to 5pm
Sunday 10am to 3pm
Monday 10am to 5pm

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