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Portfolio: Catherine Sebastian
Shangri La Studios, Malibu, California, April 1975We were hanging out with Henry Glover, the producer. It was a beautiful spring day." That big expanse of blue sky—who could resist?’

Portfolio: Catherine Sebastian
Eddy Cotton’s Fabulous Ribs, Los Angeles, California, April 1975“Levon took the whole crew out to eat at this barbeque place. The menu was great: Eddy’s Own Dippin’ Sauce, chitlins, greens, corn bread…That’s Eddy himself in the kitchen shots. The customers were watching me take photos and everyone was making jokes. Right at this moment Levon turned toward the camera and gave me that ‘You getting this?’ look.”

Portfolio: Catherine Sebastian
RCO Picnic Rehersal, Summer 1977“Amy watching her dad rehearse. The entire crew at the barn was gearing up for a big summer picnic Levon was throwing for RCA records. On stage from the far left is Mac Rebennack [aka Dr. John], Steve Cropper, Elizabeth Barraclough, Fred Carter, Jr., Donald ‘Duck’ Dunn, Paul Butterfield, and Levon. I was charmed by the sight of this all-star band playing their hearts out for an audience of Amy and her friends.”

Portfolio: Catherine Sebastian
Woodstock, Spring 1977[Back row, left to right.] "That girl was one of the seamstress/designers who worked flat-out to sew all of these flags in time for the picnic; ‘Fast Back’ Eddy, a roadie famous for his speed getting back from gigs; producer/songwriter Henry Glover; all the way on the right is a fellow who was either music crew or a musician. In the front is Paul Butterfield, making a break for it, and Levon.”

Portfolio: Catherine Sebastian
Onteora High School, Woodstock, December 2010“I think it’d be fair to say Larry Campbell’s face reflects the joy every single musician who ever played with Levon felt. [Helm’s manager] Barbara O’ Brien had asked to see a proof of this show, she and Levon wanted to make a card to thank everyone who helped with the Onteora benefits. That says so much to me about how they gave back.”

Portfolio: Catherine Sebastian
Palladium, NYC, New Year’s Eve, 1977“The RCO All-Stars were using pyrotechnics for the show and I remember really worrying about getting shots of that, because it was all set to go off sequentially. I sometimes would move right in front of the lip of the stage and then pop up to take shots.”

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