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Your Valley, My Valley, a new comedy by indie filmmaker Brendan Fay, will make its big-screen debut in Fay’s hometown at the Community Theater in Catskill on November 18.

Your Valley, My Valley is a lighthearted portrait of a community through the lens of seven seemingly disparate characters—a cowboy, a jingle composer, a journalist, a phonographer, a historian, a painter, and a self-appointed investigator—who are all connected by the legacy of strange phenomena in their beloved valley,” explains Fay. “Many are consumed by it, some are dismissive of it, but one man is inspired to action by it, undertaking an epic feat meant to bring healing to the people of the valley. Even when wrestling with a history of strange occurrences, it turns out there is ample opportunity for laughter.” Among other locals, the film stars eccentric and beloved musician and artist Brian Dewan.
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“I really dove headlong into this movie with just a few characters and a strong feeling—very little script,” Fay says. “I thought I’d spend six months making it. It took three years. It evolved into something much bigger, with many more characters— nine in total. Writing it as I went, it was an ever-evolving puzzle that I was making and solving all at once, and with each piece set in place, the puzzle itself changed and thus necessitated another piece until the very last one somehow miraculously tied it all together.”

Your Valley, My Valley will premiere at the Community Theatre, 373 Main Street in Catskill, on November 18 at 7pm. The screening is free and open to the public.

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