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Consider sincerely the challenges your partners are facing. This isn't some special treatment you would be offering; rather, it's the essence of companionship and collaboration. Your own astrology has been compelling you to mature and take on more responsibility; not just for your personal life, but also for the world around you. You might feel like you're being asked to give something up. You will no more miss whatever you think that is than you miss your childhood toys. As you expand your attention to the details of the world around you, you'll close the distance between yourself and the people you care about. Indeed, you may make vast discoveries about how much you care. You'll also feel a greater sense of satisfaction in knowing that you're integral to creating a better, saner world for everyone. In many ways, doing this is a matter of perspective. You've experienced looking at something on the horizon and thinking it's one thing, and as you get closer, discovering that it's something else. This works with all facets of life: the closer you get, the more detail you will see, and the more you'll understand your appropriate role. At the same time, shift your perspective other ways: look from above; consider how things change from a distance; consider how others perceive them. Factor this all into your own perception.

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