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Swamp Baby Water Gods


Albany’s wonderful Swamp Baby play an entrancing form of chamber pop meets gentle psych that is aesthetically very escapism laden; mellow, relaxing, and at times full of whimsical and bittersweet melodies. Their songs feel like an airy, half-forgotten memory you know in your bones and are eager to have resurface. While the band also list folktronica as an influence, this is far from David Gray’s radio smash “Babylon”: The band actually sounds more like Sigur Rós hanging out on a pond full of lily pads. The engineering on the album, by Frank Moscowitz, really brings out every nuance of piano and strings, vocal harmony, and inward musing. My only criticism is the vague and blurry artwork on the album does not really captivate or do justice to the wonderful grace and complexity of this body of work.


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