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If you want to get high, concentrates are the way to go. Concentrates, of which there are many varieties, are the result of distilling cannabinoids and terpenes, i.e., isolating the sticky and shiny stuff on the buds that make you stoned and give cannabis its flavor. This not only means removing all that excess plant matter, but also a far greater THC/CBD-to-product ratio: Standard cannabis buds rarely exceed 30 percent THC content, concentrates start around the 50 percent range and can get as high as the mid-80s. If you are not an experienced consumer, take care when sampling these particularly potent byproducts. You will also need to purchase a dab rig of some form, since concentrates cannot be easily consumed with conventional paraphernalia like bongs and rolling papers.

This review will address four types of concentrates:

Wax: A hash made by freezing buds and removing the resins. It gets its name from the way it bubbles when exposed to flame.

Crumble: Reminiscent of granular honey, crumble is one of the most versatile concentrates and can be added to joints or sprinkled in a bowl, rather than consumed by dabbing.

Sugar: Known for high terpene content, sugars have pleasant aromas that tend to linger. Sugars are similar in texture to crumble, but more viscous. Store upright or the product will run.

Shatter: A solid, amber-colored sheet that shatters like glass.


Purple Punch | The Pass

Indica | THC: 82.5%

The wax that does it all. With an enjoyable woody aftertaste reminiscent of classic pollen hash, Purple Punch is potent at 82.5% THC, yet is surprisingly manageable. The high is gentle and cerebral, allowing the consumer to go about their lives without the usual oomph of a high-end indica. Purple Punch also burns gently, producing a vapor-like smoke that leaves a pleasant scent.

Taste: 5/5| Potency: 3.5/5 | Overall Rating: 5/5

Available at: The Pass, Sheffield, Massachusetts


Donatello Kush | 253 Farmacy

Indica | THC: 78.6%

No more than a grain of rice, or so reads the advice on the packaging. Take heed. The slow, creeping effects of Donatello Kush crumble may fool you into believing more is the answer, but patience is a virtue. Twenty minutes after ingesting you will enjoy a warming sensation under the eyes and a light head high. The taste is also memorable, with an underlying flavor of red apple and white oak.

Taste: 4/5| Potency: 3/5 | Overall Rating: 3.5/5

Available at: Canna Provisions, Lee, Massachusetts


Gelato | RHYTHM

Hybrid | THC: 70.5%

The first thing you will notice about Gelato sugar is the scent, a powerful and pungent skunky nose reminiscent of classic cannabis bud. And the boldness of the smell is prescient for the entire experience. Arguably the most powerful of the products on this list, Gelato should be treated with care. A little goes a very long way, and since it is slow to burn, check the temptation to go through the whole dab at once. A full body high is accompanied by gentle and soothing cerebral effects. The taste will linger for quite some time.

Taste: 3/5| Potency: 5/5 | Overall Rating: 4.5/5

Available at: Canna Provisions, Lee, Massachusetts | Silver Therapeutics, Williamstown, Massachusetts


Redvine Jackie | Berkshire Roots

Sativa | THC:76.1%

Shatters tend toward the stronger side of the THC spectrum, and the light, floaty high of Redvine Jackie certainly makes its presence known. A slow-burning product, expect a warm sensation around the eyes, as well as a sweet watermelon aftertaste. Best consumed from a specialized shatter dabber.

Taste: 3/5 | Potency: 4/5 | Overall Rating: 4/5
Available at: Berkshire Roots, Pittsfield, Massachusetts

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