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Pulitzer Prize-winning author Jon Meacham will appear at Omega's Being Fearless conference.

Monster hurricanes. Feckless politicians. Massive earthquakes. Racism. Rising income inequality. The world can seem destined for a fiery furnace. Against this backdrop of despair the Omega Institute convenes a global conversation to illuminate the complex interplay between issues and offer tools for making deep change on its Rhinebeck campus October 13 to 15.

The conference brings together leading voices in the media such as Van Jones, Jon Meacham (pictured above), and Amy Goodman, with activists like professor and social critic Cornel West, Black Lives Matter cofounder Opal Tometi, environmental visionary Paul Hawken, and leaders in the mindfulness movement like Jon Kabat-Zinn. “So much is happening in the world and the problems can feel overwhelming,” says Omega CEO Skip Backus. “This conference offers a blended approach to personal development and social change. Mindfulness practices will be taught as essential tools for being more grounded in the chaos. Our ability to widen our discernment is critical to seeing the interconnection between issues and how to make the kind of deep change these times demand.” The conference is available to stream online for $5.

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