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Spaghetti Eastern Music | Solo Guitar Score for 2 x 2 x 4

(Bad Egg Records)

As a fan of non-linear guitar-scapes like Nate Hall’s Electric Vacuum Roar and some of the more probiotic, gut-gurgling Boris weirdness over the years, I can get behind something as cool and inspired as Spaghetti Eastern Music’s melodic, transcendent Solo Guitar Score for 2x2x4 release. While it’s more shimmering and cosmic than the aforementioned works, and akin at times to more sophisticated mediational music, this King Crimson-influenced project, the solo venture of Hudson Valley guitarist Sal Cataldi, nevertheless delights. Written to score a celebrated Charles Dennis dance duet performed with wooden 2x4s, it was recorded live at Woodstock’s 2021 Avant-Garde-Arama festival. While the CD’s title might bring to mind WWE wrestler “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan’s signature wood-and-flag-waving routine, there’s nothing campy going on here. Head to Bandcamp and enjoy waves of sonic warmth and light.

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