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Podcast Episode 41: Hetta Glogg
Designer Carla Rozman and Hetta Glogg owner Darren Davidowich
Hetta is the Davidowich family's version of a traditional Nordic glogg. Members of the family have been giving crudely bottled glogg (a family recipe) as holiday gifts for years and one drunken night the idea of putting this crazy stuff on store shelves was born, according to Darren Davidowich, Hetta's managing partner. "Pre-bottled glogg is very popular in Europe, some of the larger brands even have television commercials. In the US we were not able to find any notable brands on shelves and decided to try to change that," says Davidowich.

Podcast Episode 41: Hetta Glogg

Glogg is traditionally served at the start of a party—the idea is to welcome, warm and loosen guests up—served warm (Hetta, a Swedish word, means "to apply heat") with 21.9% alcohol it really does the trick. After a few ounces of the concoction guests have forgotten the traffic, snow, argument on the way to he party... and are free to enjoy the time with friends and family.

Hetta Glogg is available at select wine and liquor stores in the region, including JK's Wine and Liquor in Kingston, Artisan Wine Shop in Beacon, Little Gates Wine Merchants in Millerton, and Rhinebeck Wine and Liquor, as well over 30 other outlets.

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