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David Greenberger and the Huckleberries | Universal Preservation

(PelPel Recordings)

David Greenberger is a radio commentator, artist, writer, musician, and producer who is perhaps best known as publisher of the Duplex Planet zine and multimedia series. His latest pursuit is a spoken-word double CD consisting of 110 minutes of music and conversation. A decades-long labor of love, the melodic pairing of song and story is derived from countless interactions with people in a retirement community in Saratoga Springs. A Capitol Region resident, Greenberger captures tales from the haunting and melancholic to the delightfully and eccentrically ludicrous. The music mimics the vernacular and mines the genres of jazz, rock, and blues, encompassing motifs of sultry New Orleans funk, Appalachian Americana, and rootsy R&B. The impeccable playing and production curates an expansive base for Greenberger to voice the memories of anything and everything from everyday people. Not only does Universal Preservation chronicle a simpler time; it concedes, more importantly, that with an open ear and mind, interconnection is never far behind.

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