The World is Still Beautiful: Carolyn Marks Blackwood | Visual Art | Hudson Valley | Chronogram Magazine

Carolyn Marks Blackwood's landscape photographs showcase abstractions of nature: beautiful sunsets, cropped to show the one section of the sky that looks like the clouds are ablaze; angry storm clouds spitting out bolts of lightning into the blackness; ice sheets from the Hudson run aground, broken and jagged like shards of glass. Her new series, The World Is Still Beautiful, has been three years in the making. What first started as a voyage on an icebreaker to capture striking images of the Arctic to promote environmental conservation eventually morphed into images of the landscapes seen from atop the 125-foot cliff overlooking the Hudson that Blackwood's house sits on.

After she started posting her images on Facebook, Blackwood started receiving dozens of letters from those who had an emotional response to her work, thanking her for improving their day. "It started to feel like something simple that I could do that could change the trajectory of someone's moment," she says, by reminding other people that, despite the hardships we're facing, especially now, the world is still beautiful.

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