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Kingston is about to welcome a new addition to its culinary scene with the upcoming launch of Lone Wolf. The brainchild of former Fuchsia Tiki Bar owners Anton Kinloch and Lisa Dy, this craft cocktail bar and restaurant will be making its home at 240 Foxhall Avenue, in the space formerly occupied by Polish tapas and cocktail bar Lis. Lone Wolf aims to offer a myriad of classic and contemporary cocktails, a diverse wine list, rotating draft beers, and an Asian-inspired food menu.

“Lone Wolf will be a more upscale neighborhood bar and restaurant with a moody, intimate atmosphere,” says Kinloch, offering a glimpse into the essence of the bar. “While Asian inspiration will play a role in our menu, it's not the dominant theme. Lone Wolf is designed to cater to all demographics as an intimate space for first dates, anniversaries, and anyone seeking a serious cocktail or a good craft beer.”

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Jerry Thompson
Cofounders Anton Kinloch and Lisa Dy.

The story of this business begins with the end of another. For over four and a half years, the Kinloch and Dy successfully ran Fuchsia Tiki Bar on New Paltz’s Main Street, but the bar was forced to close at the end of September when their landlord suddenly opted not to renew the lease. Right before Fuschia’s closing, Kinloch encountered a longtime customer who had his first date with his husband at Fuschia. “He said we were like Cheers, but better,” says Kinloch. “Moments like that solidify why I’m in this industry. Making these memories is worth more than dollars.” To keep the spirit alive, the duo plan to host Fuchsia Tiki as a periodic pop-up event once Lone Wolf is well-established.

Given Fuchsia’s unexpected closure, Kinloch is glad that the Lis Bar space was on their backburner. “At any given time, I have four or five different business plans in my pocket,” he says. “We discovered Lis pre-pandemic and supported it through its closure.” The couple saw the dormant space during a late-night drive through Kingston and had an offhand conversation about it. “But Lisa did some digging and saw that the space was for sale, and Jon and Patty saw us as a good option,” says Kinloch.

click to enlarge Lone Wolf Cocktail Bar and Restaurant to Open Next Week in Midtown Kingston
Jerry Thompson
Cofounder Anton Kinloch prepping a drink.

While Lone Wolf will retain elements of Lis Bar’s character by utilizing the existing forest and emerald green colors and wood tones, the founders have also revitalized the space with new wallpaper and furniture that complements this color scheme. Additionally, the kitchen and bar equipment have also been thoughtfully customized with the function in mind. “I asked my staff point blank: What would be the best use of this space?” says Kinloch.

Some of Lone Wolf’s currently planned menu highlights include spicy tuna crispy rice, grilled tofu kebabs, and enoki fritters. When it comes to drinks, options will range from The American Trilogy, a concoction of rye whiskey, applejack, sugar, and bitters, to Tia Mia, which consists of Jamaican rum, mezcal, curaçao, orgeat, and lime.

Lone Wolf is scheduled to open on November 3, with reservations strongly recommended. With the launch coming soon, Kinloch expresses hope of becoming a cornerstone venue within midtown Kingston. “I’m originally from New Paltz, so I was never as familiar with Kingston businesses as I would like to be,” says Kinloch. “Our goal is to become a big part of the community, and we think the neighborhood is really gonna appreciate it.”

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