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Photo by Pete Longworth, courtesy of Elena Brower
Elena Brower will host a New Year Reflections workshop at Magazzino in Cold Spring on January 5.

Food & Drink

Mood-Altering Menu

With anti-anxiety, anti-inflammatory, and general peace-inducing effects, cannabidiol (CBD) is the cure to our modern condition. In recent years, the hemp extract has cropped up in everything from coffee to tea to gummies and matcha shakes. Marbletown-based entrepreneur Konstanze Zeller was one of the early local adopters of this trend, creating a line of CBD-infused cacao bites and adaptogenic elixirs for her wellness company Cocorau. On January 26, Zeller will host a Winter Feast at her 300-year-old stone home (dubbed 7 Miles to Kingston) to showcase the versatility and benefits of CBD. Catered by The Upstate Table, this eight-course meal will incorporate Hudson Hemp's full-spectrum CBD into a plant-based tasting menu that kicks off with CBD-infused cocktails and appetizers and concludes with CBD chocolates for an indulgent, mood-altering evening. $165.


Jungle Rave

The Hudson Valley has long been home to herbalists and hobby horticulturists. But on January 3, Connie Dasilva of Whole Clarity will introduce a whole new way to commune with flora—Dance with Plants. Billed as a "new, high vibe dance party," this event will transform the upstairs of BSP Kingston into a lush jungle wellness lounge with live plants, plant-based art, and health-supportive products ranging from kombucha to superfoods to aromatherapy mists. The evening kicks off with a singing bowl meditation and then ramps up with a drum circle dance warm-up, before DJ Adrian Barrin of Brooklyn fame takes the floor to spin house dance beats. A longtime devotee of the plant kingdom and recent city transplant, Dasilva was inspired to organize this dance party by the "distinct lack in alternative nightlife upstate." Embodying a modern holistic approach to wellness, Dance With Plants offers a unique space to refresh, recharge, and dance hard. 6:30-10pm. $20. 


New Year Reflections with Elena Brower

Though an arbitrary spot on the calendar, the beginning of the year offers an entry point for contemplation as we begin another journey around the sun. Renowned yogi, teacher, and author Elena Brower leads an afternoon of yoga, art, and self-reflection at Magazzino in Cold Spring on January 5 from 3-5pm. Presented by Ascend Center, the workshop will explore methods for charting a personal course in the new year—one founded on physical, mental, and emotional alignment. Participants will receive a copy of Brower's best-selling Practice You: A Journal, which offers a contemplative, creative pathway to tap into one's inner wisdom and intuition.

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