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This month I send you a rhyming note.

Autumn is coming and it's time to vote.

'Tis October, but you must remember,

election day is the sixth of November.

Stick a memo on your refrigerator.

Be on time, you can't go later.

Write it down, put it in your phone,

go with a friend or go it alone.

You don't need a tie or formal dress,

no need to daven, pray, or confess.

You're not trying to get absolution

you're trying to achieve a better solution.

There's a deep need that must be faced—

use the broom to get rid of the waste.

Think of those we must demote,

like clearing a chimney of creosote.

If this were audio, I'd scream and shout,

"Time to vote the rascals out!"

With enough turnout for us to win,

we can vote better rascals in.

We've had cheats, scoundrels, and crooks,

so it says in the history books.

Yet I can say with the firmest belief

this is our first Commander-in-Thief.

It may sound mean and a little vicious,

but synonyms for Trump are: meretricious,

tawdry, trashy, florid, gaudy, and cheap,

a hooker's dream of the perfect creep.

One wonders if Melania's all there

in a jacket that says, "I really don't care."

Always dressed in the latest rag,

face frozen like Zoolander in drag.

If you are wondering what this rage is,

just think of children put in cages.

Think of the pain and think of the harm

of a child ripped from their mother's arms.

Think of how Trump loves to gloat.

Let nothing stop you, cast your vote.

If it's cold, wear your boots and coat.

If it floods, row, row, row your boat.

If winds blow and its stormy weather,

think of Stormy Daniels in the altogether,

the sex worker who stood up to Trump

with a rolled-up Forbes hit him on the rump.

It's hard to speak of the Senate in rhymes

when they make it their goal to cover up crimes

of the president and of judges,

out of greed and ancient grudges.

There are so many things we need to fix

so please don't forget, November Six.

Don't fear the Russians or dirty tricks

or that someone is going to put in the fix.

From the suburbs, the cities, and the towns,

please, it's time to vote out the clowns.

From high on the hill and down in the glen

let us make America sane again.

The party in power is the party of Trump

playing you for a fool and for a chump.

It's the senators and the congressmen too,

all in lock step, doing the dirty to you.

Their promises are just bait and switch,

they're being paid to cut taxes for the rich.

They say they love us and they care,

but they're against clean water and clean air.

Praising democracy with every expression

while they're working hard at voter suppression.

it is neither libel nor some sort of slander

to say they are devoted to the gerrymander.

Trump loves to make America hate,

it's his touchstone, it's his home plate,

His daddy was arrested with the Klu Klux Klan,

racism was where his campaign began.

It's the theme of his people and party too:

Fear the immigrants coming after you.

They're taking advantage, making you feel small.

The answer is build a wall, very, very tall.

Get rid of the phonies who get your goat.

It's okay, you can call them scrotes.

Keep on trying until sanity wins,

understand we must do it again and again.

Call your neighbors, call your friends,

if we don't vote, this never ends.

It's in our hands, it's not about fate.

Even call people who are out of state.

Voting is one of the very few acts,

which can turn facts back into facts.

It will be the real Art of the Deal

to elect people who will make truth real.

Imagine a Congress that wants to know

what the Russians did a short time ago.

What humbles Trump when with Vladimir?

Why is that and what does he fear?

Trumpettes think he puts America first.

Is that even worth a line of verse?

Face it buddy, bubba, pal, and bub,

He puts America second to a Trump golf club.

Make this the time, make this the hour,

we've let money have too much power.

While we still can vote and it's not too late,

let's use the ballot and take back our fate.

Make your votes count, make them shout,

remind the world what democracy's about.

Move away from exclusion, racism, and hate

that's what makes America great.

'Tis October, but you must remember

election day is the sixth of November.

Don't say it doesn't matter or you don't care.

Do what you must, you must be there.

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