Poem: The Missing Key: U | Poetry | Hudson Valley | Chronogram Magazine
I noticed the letter U missing from words I typed
and needed to press harder on that key
but sometimes I’d forget, 15 minutes would pass before
I realized you weren’t here, and
went back to correct

silly misunderstandings we had like after that party
when you drank too much and
I threw a vase across the room
you threw a plant
pieces scattered over too many years
to glue back with sorry . . .
I was too the night I fell into Robert’s eyes
and needed to be rescued

I must press thru
the fine print of weekly trivia, of credit statements
and job worries, demands of friends & a cat to rescue you
search thru all the places you should be
words that don’t make sense
without you . . .

when I came down with pneumonia
and 103 I heard you say,
“It was like sleeping beside a radiator”;
I don’t question why those words, not others
or how a bout of flu and pneumonia
burning at the same intensity 15 years apart
brought U back. Like I don’t question why
it feels so good to be alive. It just does.

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