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click to enlarge Build Your Own Wood Shed: A Perfect Weekend Activity
A father and two sons building a wood shed from a Glenn's Sheds plan

With the weather finally starting to warm, opportunities for outdoor activities—from nature walks to gardening to finally cleaning out the garage—are popping up like daffodils. If you’re looking for an endeavor that will get you outside, a DIY carpentry project like a shed from New Paltz-based Glenn’s Sheds will reward you with a sturdy structure to store firewood for many seasons to come and some much-needed bonding time with your friends or little ones.

click to enlarge Build Your Own Wood Shed: A Perfect Weekend Activity
Glenn's Sheds founder Glenn Nystrup

Founded by Glenn Nystrup, Glenn’s Sheds has been providing homeowners in the Hudson Valley and surrounding states with quality firewood sheds since 2012. A math teacher by training, Nystrup’s sheds are designed to maximize the drying potential of firewood and keep it dry for years if needed. And whether located on an estate overlooking the Hudson or a rustic cabin in the Catskills, the striking, minimalist wood sheds help enhance the beauty of a home’s surrounding landscape, too.

While Nystrup and his team primarily travel to homeowners throughout the region to construct his sheds onsite, over the years people have contacted him from thousands of miles away to inquire about his sheds. With so many interested customers but with a limited delivery radius, Nystrup came up with the idea of creating easy-to-follow shed plans designed for homeowners, scout troops, and school groups alike.

Build Your Own Wood Shed: A Perfect Weekend Activity
A Glenn's Sheds plan built by a homeowner in Canada

“It’s a great way to introduce children to working safely and smartly with tools and materials, and the chance to work with children of any age is priceless,” Nystrup says. “This way, folks can have the pleasure of building a shed for themselves and enjoy the satisfaction of a job well done,” he says. And because you're doing everything yourself, you save on the cost of labor and lower the total cost of the project.

click to enlarge Build Your Own Wood Shed: A Perfect Weekend Activity
An Eagle Scout troop building using a Glenn's Sheds plan

All the shed plans available were designed by Nystrup, who worked with an engineer to digitally develop them for home-use. Each set of plans includes several pages of detailed illustrations, along with a complete list of materials, and clear descriptions of the process of preparation and construction to help guide you through the process every step of the way.

With plans for 35 different sheds available, including firewood sheds, trash-bin sheds, and combination sheds, there’s a design to suit the needs of any homeowner or organization.

To learn more or purchase a Glenn’s Sheds plan for yourself, visit

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