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The astrology of November 8, Midterm Election Day, is as polarized as America herself. Taurus Full Moon/Total Lunar Eclipse with Venus opposite the Sun and Mercury in Scorpio, squared by Saturn in Aquarius reflects the fixed, binary, rigid ideologies running like an ever-widening fissure down America's spine, resulting in chaos and uncertainty.

Mars in Retrograde Gemini conjunct America's natal Moon in Gemini at 21 degrees is uncomfortably close to Donald Trump's natal Sun at 22 Gemini. Trump isn't on the ballot, but his influence is. Venus, which is very much about politics, and Mercury, which is all about communication, are swimming together through Scorpio to trine Neptune November 10–12; a viable vision for the future emerges. Mercury and Venus sextile Pluto November 13–14; Your ability to resist high levels of external disarray directly depends on the supportive foundation you've built over time. Venus and Mercury trine Jupiter November 15–16; being paralyzed with inaction isn't an option anymore. This is not our first time at this rodeo!

Venus and Mercury both enter Sagittarius November 16–17; constraints and caution slip away, favoring bold action. The Sun trines Jupiter November 30 and enters Sagittarius November 22, right before the New Moon in Sagittarius and Jupiter's direct station in Pisces November 23. A sense of righteous invincibility prevails, whether that's objectively accurate is less important than the confidence-building effect of large doses of bravado and optimism. Mercury and Venus trine Wounded Healer Chiron in Aries November 28. Courage, vulnerability, and honesty create unbreakable bonds of loyalty.

November's gift is that by the end of the month, any doubts about where you stood on the ideological spectrum will irrevocably be put to rest. Regardless of the outcome, nobody gets to opt out of taking personal responsibility for the future anymore.

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