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SAGITTARIUS (November 22–December 22)

You’re feeling expansive, but the “powers that be” are cramping your freewheeling style. The scenario bears resemblance to that dream we’ve all had; the one where we’re getting ready to graduate from high school, only to be told we can’t because there’s a whole class we didn’t even take! If institutions or authority figures are raining on your parade, figure out a way to get the work done, but on your terms. Do the work that’s necessary, but on your schedule. You’re learning the delicate art of feeling your freedom while fulfilling obligations. There’s more space to roam in September.

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Cory Nakasue

Cory Nakasue is an astrology counselor, writer, and teacher. She counsels clients and teaches modern astrology with a generous nod to traditional practices and wisdom studies. Storytelling is a cornerstone of her work and you can tune in to her weekly radio show/podcast, The Cosmic Dispatch on Radio Kingston and...
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