Gemini (May 20-June 21) for September 2015 | Gemini | Hudson Valley | Chronogram Magazine
Saturn enters your opposite sign, Sagittarius—which reveals the quality of your relationships; it’ll be there, working the territory, for the next two years. This is an extended “get real, get serious” moment. Relationships that belong in your life will go through a series of transformations and become stronger. Those that do not will likely be cleared from your energy field. It’s in the nature of Saturn to favor action taken voluntarily and honor the boundaries of time. This is where you will need the maturity to know what’s appropriate for you and what is not; or said another way, to honor what you may have known for a long time. Every situation in your life must support your emotional growth and nourishment. Notice when you have an exchange with someone that leaves you feeling fulfilled. Notice when an encounter leaves you feeling depleted. These contrasts will encourage you to continually improve your situation.

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