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Aries (March 20-April 19)
Every person who dares to step out of their conditioning or routine and do something original goes through a crisis of whether their ideas or work will be accepted by others. The prevailing reason why people don’t express themselves involves the expectation of a negative reaction, of judgment, of some kind of consequences. Yet anyone who is interested in breaking free of this needs to take the journey inward and figure out what inner obstructions are breathing life into those fears. It’s convenient that this inner journey is some of the best fodder for the creative process, which is really about an inner journey. Most of the meaningful art and literature you find is more like a postcard from a deep inner space rather than being a “creative product” of any kind. Mars turning retrograde in the most creative and dynamic angle of your solar chart is saying that it’s time to dip into these personal fires. The key is not what you create—it is what you learn about yourself, and in the process, document or illustrate. There is something hidden you are looking for, something about which you may have no clue. Think of it as “hidden karma” or think of it as the pearl of great price. Remember, a journey is involved: a journey that will last for months, and whose destination is not clear.

Taurus (April 19-May 20)
You are in the midst of a stroke of good fortune regarding what we here in the Western world call “profession.” The question lurking beneath this theme is, what do you profess? Who do you say you are, and what is its relationship to what you do, or want to do? It’s time to align your theories, your goals, and your actions. It would help if you aspired to more than you think you are capable of. It would help if you accepted, with total willingness, the need to inconvenience yourself in order to attain your stated objectives. When I say “help,” I mean truly assist you in getting out of your previous pattern. For you, any truly satisfying professional experience must be humanitarian in nature, though I propose you take a wide view of this concept; not “doing good,” but rather acting as if to hold the world together. There is an essential, even urgent ingredient involved in breaking out of your individualism and being willing to participate, and openly seek the cooperation of others. This involves accepting the extent to which you have felt that you don’t fit in—and then daring to do something about it. That is a step on the way to something greater—what you might call locally aware global consciousness, and acting on that basis alone.

Gemini (May 20-June 21)
Family financial arrangements may come up during the holiday season; I suggest you be prepared for the conversation, including remembering that I told you. Listen for the guilt trip and don’t fall for it. You risk being convinced that you’re not an adult—that you have no power. You can minimize this with preventive strategies. First and most meaningful is to be absolutely on the level your significant other. Agree on what information you’re willing to reveal, and why you would reveal it. Anyone seeking information from you has something to hide, and is also looking for power. While I would not advocate being deceptive, it’s another matter entirely to have boundaries. Those boundaries might include outright avoiding anyone, anything, or anyplace where you feel you have no business, or where your presence would detract from your own sense of integrity. I suggest you avoid alcohol entirely at any group gathering, no matter how tempting it may be as a sedative or painkiller; it is the elixir of deception, and in such a compromised state, you risk of making significant errors in judgment. Stick close to the ones you truly love. One side benefit of all of this is that the sex promises to be incredible. Even if you don’t have a partner, think of someone you trust.

Cancer (June 21-July 22)
This is a moment of extraordinary developments in your relationships; there is likely to be more than one that comes into prominence. I suggest you work with an expanded definition of “relationship,” for example, an emotionally moving encounter with anyone you care about. I suggest you remember your ethics and forget your expectations—particularly about what a relationship is, or what form it’s supposed to take. If you’ve been working to change your concepts in this area of your life, the opportunities you have now are likely to be the ones where you learn the basics, or rather, apply what you have worked so hard to learn. In endeavors of love, you want to encourage the feeling that you’re always at the beginning. Sincerity and simple directness will help you rise above any sense of overwhelm or the “power of the other” that you may feel. The passion that you’re experiencing is coming from you, though others close to you may be a source of encouragement or inspiration: Hot is hot, and the best thing you can do is submit to the beauty of that. While you’re doing this, be aware of everything that you’ve left behind: the history, the sense of identity, the crisis and turmoil; and if you feel yourself going in that direction, remind yourself that you have options, if you choose to explore them.

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