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Weekly Astrology Forecast for November 9
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I write today aware of a curious mix of emotions, and maybe you can relate: buoyed by some of this week's Election Day results, numbed and exhausted by news of yet another preventable mass shooting here in the US. In the background of all of it are the same long-term, emotionally polarizing issues we've been grappling with for far too long; in the foreground are personal desires, goals and crises, and the chosen (or, more often, unconscious) distractions from them.

It can seem impossible at times to achieve lift-off when it comes to making positive changes on even the most basic personal level, given all that one is up against. Yet sometimes making progress really just comes down to keeping a little momentum going. Some of this week's astrology appears to support that.

Of course, to keep momentum going, sometimes you have to figure out a way to overcome stationary inertia to create momentum: you have to get the ball rolling. It's easy to get intimidated by that; to forget that, often, doing just a little something (or a series of little somethings, one at a time) is all it takes to move from stasis, to engaging with a process, to some kind of result that previously appeared impossible.

The beautiful aspect that's approaching— and which you'd do well to start actively warming up —is Venus conjunct Jupiter in Scorpio. This is exact on Monday, November 13.

Venus conjunct Jupiter generally gets described as being “fortunate.” But as you’ve probably heard, fortune tends to favor those who've prepared some. You can't count on astrology to do all the work for you. Also, Venus and Jupiter behave a little differently in different signs, and their impact or influence in your life is shaped by where they're moving in your chart.

So where might you focus on getting the ball rolling? Positive expressions of passion and sexual energy could be a first consideration. Venus-Jupiter is usually said to foster optimism and good moods in relationships of all types, but Venus is not at its softest or most jovial in Scorpio. So you might see what you're feeling most passionate about and begin funneling your time and attention there, starting now. If you can invite a friend, partner, or like-minded acquaintance to join you, all the better. Given Scorpio's transformative mission (which can take a social-justice tone), this energy could very well express in ways other than sexual.

Scorpio is also a “money sign” of sorts. This week could be good for ferreting out ways you can save yourself some cash or even come into a little bonus. But bear in mind that Venus conjunct Jupiter is just as likely to signal spending money freely. That's not always a bad thing. In fact, this might be a good time to make any upgrades or investments you've had in mind, ahead of Mercury entering its pre-retrograde shadow phase on November 15. If you do, notice whether you're especially drawn to things that are more lavish than usual, sexier, or that relate to some desire you usually keep quiet about.

All of that said, however, there's some supporting astrology in the next few days to help you with that momentum. For example, on Saturday Saturn in Sagittarius makes a trine to Uranus in Aries. This aspect suggests the potential to engage with what is new while still working within an existing structure. Or to put it another way: steady, incremental work right now could result in creative change down the road.

But what's really interesting is an aspect pattern forming between today and Sunday: the Scorpio Sun making a sextile to asteroid Juno and to Pluto, which are conjunct in Capricorn. You have the ability to make changes in your immediate environment. While this could mean something as simple as cleaning up what has become disorderly around the house, we have Juno and Scorpio involved.

There's an opportunity here to evolve something in a previously set relationship situation (especially in a sexual relationship). Which of your unexpressed needs are ripe for deeper consideration? Which of those “needs” might really be “wants”? Experiment with changing out those words as you express yourself (even just in your journal).

Which word makes changes feel more attainable or less like a deal-breaker? What has the potential to take you deeper with a partner (or deeper within yourself)? Which phrasing helps you to understand how you've gotten where you are and how to move forward? When do you feel like you have to hold tight to what you have and grasp for more? When do you feel like you can use the power you have to benefit all involved if you make some minor changes?

Jupiter magnifies whatever it touches; with Venus, it's all about emotions and relationships. It's up to you to notice what's increasing in your life and respond appropriately. Whether that means redirecting your energy and emotions toward a deeper desire or diving more fully into what's already in motion will be your call—but you might want to start finding that groove now.

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