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ARIES (March 20–April 19)

The beginning of the month has you questing to understand the truth about cultures and ways of life that are not your own. There's a drive to expand the context of your experience and locate yourself within a larger narrative. Some of the things you're learning may put you in a fighting mood—fighting for the rights of others, or correcting stories that have been falsified. Everything you're learning is reshaping your idea of who you are in society and how you'd like to be recognized. Learning is an adventure that may exhaust you. Retreat into familiarity at the full Moon on the 26th.

Cory Nakasue

Cory Nakasue is an astrology counselor, writer, and teacher. She counsels clients and teaches modern astrology with a generous nod to traditional practices and wisdom studies. Storytelling is a cornerstone of her work and you can tune in to her weekly radio show/podcast, The Cosmic Dispatch on Radio Kingston and...
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